Deo Macalma now DZRH station manager

Deo Macalma, the iconic broadcaster popularly known for his “Espesyal na Balita” over
DZRH, has been appointed Vice President and Station Manager of the country’s oldest surviving
radio network.

Macalma, also known as “Lakay” to listeners has been with DZRH since 1980, fresh
from his journalism course at the Lyceum of the Philippines. He made his mark as a field
reporter during the 1986 EDSA Revolution, primarily chasing tanks as instructed by then news
director Rey Langit. Through the years, he evolved into a radio commentator, tackling current
issues with his inimitable comic flair.

But it was with his light-hearted guessing game on “Espesyal na Balita” that Macalma
and his bubuwits gained legendary status, with first-hand reports on clandestine activities of
showbiz celebrities and political figures coming from roomboys, waiters, security guards, and
hospital personnel, with his tipster crew later expanding to include senators, congressmen,
generals, and cabinet members themselves.

It was through the titillating satire, aired to a public with a penchant for gossip, that Macalma helped the general populace become mobilized and socially aware – a style now replicated by rival stations.

Since the death of DZRH top honcho Joe Taruc, Macalma has filled a void no other radioman could possibly do so, valiantly steering the news and public affairs team amid the oft-
turbulent seas of radio broadcasting. His appointment as VP and Station Manager is certainly

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